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Favorite Game of the Week: Clone Evolution

With the recent release of the Borderlands 3 game, I’ve been wanting to learn more about Clone Evolution. For some reason, the art style of this game invoked feelings of Borderlands. With that in mind, I began playing this game while not being sure what to expect. However, within a matter of days, I began enjoying all aspects of this game. The community is awesome and the battles are on an entirely different level. If you enjoy turn-based card games, you’ll love every second of Clone Evolution.

Fortunately, I found that this game was full of awesome battles and things to do. In this game, you’ll be able to play as a wide range of different characters or clones. What makes this game special is that these clones are all based off of historical figures. Without giving too much away, you’ll likely find more than several fun characters to enjoy using in this game.


Another thing I love about Clone Evolution are the battles. In this game, you’ll be able to take part in a wide range of battles. These battles are relatively short but still provide plenty of entertainment to keep you busy.

It’s also important to note that the sound in this game is amazing. You’ll find that the epic battle themes will always keep you coming back for more. I found that I loved turning up my phone and tablet speakers to continue hearing this epic game’s soundtrack.


The only major drawback of this game are in its in-app purchases. I understand that game companies have to make money. However, it shouldn’t have to come at the expense of constantly being bombarded with in -game purchases. If you’re looking for a way around this bothersome aspect of mobile gaming, continue reading.

If you’re looking for an amazing mobile distraction, you’ll definitely want to check out Clone Evolution. In addition, I also recommend checking out this Clone Evolution gems generator. This allows you to ensure that you’re able to gain Clone Evolution gems without spending lots of time and effort. If you enjoy playing turn-based card games and enjoy the art style of Borderlands, you’ll find plenty to do within Clone Evolution. Overall, I highly recommend this fast-paced action game.

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